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    It my first time using this so how do the step it look like to posting an advertisement?
  1. - We were given you a tutorial by click link that is “Discover How To Start“ from here you can take your first step.

    What will you do with my information?
  1. - To be keep in our database.
  2. - Only your contact number may be seen on public and the others like email and ic number cannot be seen by others.
  3. - Your account can be update only by yourself.

    What about privacy issues?
  1. - Children
    1. Under age of 18 may not use the website.
    2. We not sell products for purchase by children but for purchased by adults.
  2. - Public
    1. We have no control over who read your posting or what others use may do with the info your voluntarily post, so please be caution.

    Why do you need my phone number and it shown?
  1. - In case buyer need to contact you regards to your advertisement directly.

    Why the e-mail address invisible in ad?
  1. - Hidden in the form, to prevent others from sending spam email to our advertiser

    How to get know that our item has been choosing to purchase?
  1. - Through a call. Buyer will directly call you by your shown phone number. And through an email buyer will response you may be with some questions.

    When I insert an item to be purchased does my item directly advertise?
  1. - No, wait for approval then within 24 hours your ad will be publish. Later on we will inform you through your email.

    Can I delete the ads?
  1. - Sure, just by click X at the left of your ads on your page. You also can edit your ads by click e.

    How do I get know all process and progress?
  1. - Through an email. We will inform all activities through email example when you post an ads, when your ads will be approval and publish, if buyer interest to your post and even you delete your post.

    Can I buy the other advertiser item and with it does my account will be revealed?
  1. - Yes, the procedures just simple contact that advertiser and don’t worry of your information being leaked because we not allowed other to see your information unless with your permission.

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