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Slap Chop Green
Slap Chop Green
Slap Chop Green

Slap Chop Green


Slap Chop Green
Slap Chop Green
Slap Chop Green


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Price : RM 20.00 State : Terengganu Type : Private Category : Home & Personal Items Contact No. : 0199807885

100% Brand New with Retail Packing

This Slap Chop is your all purpose chopper for all your chopping needs. Food processors are too bulky, and most kitchen slicer-chopper gadgets have too many parts. With Slap Chop, the more you slap it the finer it gets!

*Combine raw potatoes, mushrooms and green peppers, and in a matter of seconds you have a tasty and healthy breakfast with you eggs

*Everyone wants more salad in their diet. Add carrots, celery and radishes, and with a few chops on your Slap Chop, instant salad. Make it finer for cole slaw and soup.

*Add tomato, cilantro, jalepeno and onions to make
fresh salsa in mater of seconds. You decide on what ingredients go in and how fine you want your salsa.

*It seperates the skin from onions or garlic. For best results in removing onion skins, place a half or quarter of an onion with the outer skin facking the cutting board.

*Nuts, chocolate and fruit for toppings are chopped with ease. Use the cover to pour nuts on your desserts. Continuous chopping gives you finer nuts.

Berminat: pm/sms/whatsapp: 0111-9321768

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