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Price : RM 15.00 State : Terengganu Type : Private Category : Other Gadgets Contact No. : 0199807885

This handy and easily operated hand tool is ideal to protect your valuable property, simply inscribe your name or some identification number on items.

*Personalize your sporting gear, children's toys, tools, etc...
*Decorate gifts ot trophies with everlasting messages
*Identify valuable appliances and equipment
*Used to inscribe almost any metal, wood, glass or plastic material
*Holds 2 'AA' batteries
*Hold the engrave like a pencil with your thumb over the control button
*The fast, easy way to protect your valuables!

Perfect for:
Metal , Steel ,Wood,Electronics ,Valuables,Collectibles ,Leather ,Computers

*Always wears protective eyewear when engraving and wash hands immediately after use.
*It is not recommended that you engrave electronic media such as cd's dvd's etc because engraving on these materials may damage the media.

Harga: RM15 (Tidak termasuk postage)

Untuk Order: Pm/Sms/Whatsapp: 0111-9321768 (Kak Ziza)


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