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60 in1 12V 12000RPM Cordless Mini Drill
60 in1 12V 12000RPM Cordless Mini Drill
60 in1 12V 12000RPM Cordless Mini Drill

60 in1 12V 12000RPM Cordless Mini Drill


60 in1 12V 12000RPM Cordless Mini Drill
60 in1 12V 12000RPM Cordless Mini Drill
60 in1 12V 12000RPM Cordless Mini Drill


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Price : RM 90.00 State : Sarawak Type : Private Category : Electric Items

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Product specifications and features.
Brand new and high quality.
12000RPM no-load speed.
The grinder engraving kit is necessary for DIY carving and grinding.
This electric carving tool has very mini grinder body, convenient to use.
Suitable for agate nuclear carving, wood carving.
For grinding aluminum plate, thin copper board, plastic board, chipboard, printed circuit board, epoxy board.
Perfect electric grinder for cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, polishing, removing and drilling.
Voltage: 12V
No-load Speed: 12000r/min
Input Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Applications: For polishing, drilling, grinding, sanding, engraving, graving etc.
For safe use.
Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.
When you finish using the unit, switch off the motor and ensure that all moving parts have come to a complete standstill.
Before using additional accessories not included in this set, always compare the maximum allowed RPM of that specific accessory with the RPM of this tool.
In case o electrical or mechanical malfunction, immediately switch off the tool.
Do not activate switch when changing accessories.
Never use grinding wheels over 1''(25.4mm) in diameter.
Never use drill bits over 1/8''(3.2mm) in diameter.
Never use the shaft lock when toll is running.
Ensure that the collet size corresponds with the shaft size of the accessory.
Store tool in locations where temperature will not exceed 50 degrees Celsius.
How to change accessories.
Switch drill of and make sure not to accidentally switch on while changing accessories.
Press down on the Chuck Lock Button. Then you can loosen and pull off the Chuck Nut by turning it anti-clockwise. Under the chuck nut is one of the Collets.
Choose the correct size Collet for the accessory you want to use and insert into place. Replace the Chuck Nut but do not tighten completely.
Insert the accessory into the Chuck Nut.
While pressing down on the Chuck Lock Button, tighten the Chuck Nut by turning clockwise.
Package includes.
1 x 60 in1 12V 12000RPM Cordless Mini Drill EU Adapter Electric Grinder Rotary Tool Kit for Grinding / Polishing / Engraving
Harga: RM90 Free Shipping - shipping detail will be inform.
*Item Sold and Order by postage only!! NO COD.
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